How To Make A Leather Couch Feel Cozy (With Pictures!)

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Wondering if you can make your leather couch feel a little cozier? Well, look no further because I have your answer!

To make a leather couch feel cozier, add more textures to the sofa and area around it. By adding some throw pillows and throw blankets, you can make the couch feel warm and inviting. You can also add a rug, some plants, and soft lighting to help soften the look of a leather couch.

Now that we’ve got the basics out of the way, let’s break into the details a little further so you know exactly how to make your leather couch feel cozy.

Let’s dive in!

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Benefits Of Making A Leather Couch Feel Cozy

Leather couches are more than just another piece of furniture in your house. They can make or break a room. Knowing how to make a leather couch cozy when they usually feel pretty cold is a bit of a trick.

Luckily, leather couches have been around for a long time, and many people love them and have experimented with making them feel more comfortable in a room. These tips will help you too.

There are some specific guidelines that you can use when you want to make your leather couch feel less out of place in your home.

Some of these guidelines include:

  • Couch location
  • Room & couch color
  • Lighting
  • Throw pillows & blankets
  • Rugs
  • Plants & other decorations

I’ll break down each of these guidelines further below, so you can significantly improve the cold feeling and make your leather sofa feel more welcoming.

The rug is a start to help make this couch feel cozier, but it still looks pretty bare and cold.

The Fundamentals Of Making A Leather Couch Cozy

The first thing we need to think about when we want a leather couch to be cozy is where you put it.

The placement of your leather furniture can significantly impact the room and make your couch feel either colder or more welcoming.

Remember that leather couches, being a statement piece, should always be a focal point of the room.

The first thing your eyes are drawn to in our living room are the two leather couches because they are in the center of the room, taking up the majority of the space.

In addition to the placement, there are two other factors that affect couch coziness. They are the:

  • Room and couch color
  • Room lighting
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The Room & Couch Color Affects Leather Couch Coziness

The color of the room and your leather couch is in are the first things to consider.

Repainting is typically more cost-effective than purchasing a new sofa, so I recommend finding a paint color that pairs well with your sofa (instead of the other way around).

However, it also happens to be time to get a new sofa, then it’s the perfect time to choose the best wall and leather couch color combination.

In general, darker leather pairs better with lighter walls, and softer leather, like caramel color, goes better with darker walls.

Keeping these color combinations in mind will immediately help soften the look of a leather couch.

And if you still aren’t sure, then always choose a lighter/white paint color. You can more easily swap out decorations and make a room feel larger by sticking to this rule of thumb.

(In fact, I have a full article explaining how to pick a paint color that will complement all of your furniture and decorations while still adding your personal favorite style.)

This room has lighter walls, but the window accents are so dark, that they make the leather couches stand out against them.

The Room Lighting Affects Leather Couch Coziness

The lighting in a room with a leather couch is more selective than in the rest of the house.

Direct sunlight can be harmful, so try to keep the sofa away from it. But if possible, use as much indirect sunlight and even extra lighting as possible.

Light complements and makes rooms/decorations feel warmer. So adding table lamps, additional overhead lighting, and floor lamps can help improve the coziness of your leather couch almost instantly.

Plus, lamps and extra lighting are super functional in general!

How To Make A Leather Couch Feel Cozier

Once you are sure that your couch is in the right spot and complements the room and the wall colors, you need to ensure the sofa also looks more inviting.

You can add a couple of things to a leather couch to make it feel more like it belongs in the space.

These tips are usually the most accessible and cheapest option but work even better when the rest of the steps are employed. To make your leather sofa cozier:

  • Add Some Throw Pillows
  • Drape A Throw Blanket Across

Add Some Throw Pillows To The Leather Sofa

The first and most common way to make your leather sofa warmer is by adding some throw pillows.

It would be best to choose pillows that work well with the room and stand as a contrast that pulls the attention to the couch.

The same rule applies here as with the walls of the room the sofa is in. If the sofa is dark, use light, and if the couch is light, use dark.

Using throw pillows is also a great way of establishing or continuing a pattern employed within the room.

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If you want to buy some throw pillows, remember that patterns and textures help complement the leather’s smooth and often shiny look.

For this leather sofa, I chose a light (mostly white) patterned pillow to contrast with the gray-ish couch on a lighter scale and a solid black pillow to contrast with the couch on a darker scale. The darker throw blanket helps to balance out the darkness of the black pillow across from it.

Drape A Throw Blanket Across The Leather Sofa

Since we’ve already looked at throw pillows and what they can do, the same goes for throw blankets.

If you can, try to get a color or pattern that is similar, the same, or complements that of the throw pillows. Again, doing this helps to tie the room and the couch together.

As I stated, the same rules apply to throw blankets as do for throw pillows.

It is essential to get contrasting colors that will draw attention and compliment the color and texture of the couch.

Since leather is a cold feeling, I love to pair a fuzzy blanket with it. These fuzzy blankets are super functional to keep you warm and give that different softer, warmer texture that a leather couch is lacking.

Just be very cautious that you do not buy too many throw pillows and cause excessive clutter, as that can often have the opposite effect of cozy.

This video does a fantastic job of demonstrating how to decorate a leather couch with throw pillows and blankets to help it feel cozier.

YouTube player

How To Create A Cozy Atmosphere With A Leather Couch

Now that all the things directly relating to the couch are done, and your leather couch should already look much cozier, there are some other things to consider.

The tips and tricks below will allow you to tie the sofa and the rest of the room together even more by helping you make the space more suitable, open, and lively.

These other decorating tips include:

  • Adding Some Rugs Or Carpets
  • Adding Other Decorations To The Room

Adding Some Rugs Or Carpets

If your sofa’s room does not have a carpet, this might be an excellent place to make a change.

Though this might not seem like it will make much difference, the entire atmosphere can change when you add something to the floor.

If your couch is in a room with shiny wooden or tiled floors, you should get a carpet that complements the sofa.

Adding a rug or carpet with some exciting textures will help you tie the room together, as long as the colors compliment the couch.

As with other things you can add to the sofa or space, the texture creates variety while highlighting the leather couch and making it seem more inviting.

You can also use a pelt to help with this if you prefer.

This rug perfectly ties in all of the colors in the room. The grays are pulled around the room in varying shades and the little bit of gold in the rug pulls in the warm undertones from the wood flooring in the room.

Adding Other Decorations To The Room

There are plenty of other things you can add to the space around your leather couch.

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For example, buying a more significantly sized potted plant that can be visible from a corner is an excellent idea for adding some greenery and life to the room.

In addition to a potted plant, you can also add some smaller tables or a more sizable coffee table into the area.

Adding a table will give the space a more “lived-in” look and enable you to put other things on display, such as candles, books, or ornaments.

The plant in the background adds a natural texture and color to a room with a lot of wood and also helps add a pop of color to a lot of neutral-colored furniture and decor. The lamp adds more height to the room to draw your eyes upward and adds more functional lighting.

The last aspect you can consider adding is lighting.

As stated earlier, the light in a room with a leather couch is essential to ensure it suits the area. However, lamps are a source of light, but they can also make excellent forms of decoration if appropriately used.

I recommend getting some gold-colored or oil-rubbed bronze-colored, tall standing lamps to help with the décor and lighting.

If you are looking for extra inspiration to help you create a great look and feel, you can have a look at this Pinterest board specifically for leather couches.

Final Thoughts On Making A Leather Couch Feel Cozier

There you have it!

You can employ many tips and tricks to make your leather couch feel cozier.

If you can choose what you want, it is essential to select the right color for the room.

It is also crucial to ensure you do not create too much clutter and make your couch less appealing.

Patterns, contrast, lighting, and complimentary features are the way to go if you are looking for a warmer-looking living area.

Catch you in my next post!

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