Are Kitchen Islands Installed Before Or After Flooring? 4 Things To Know

Wondering if you should install your kitchen island before or after the flooring? Well, look no further because I have your answer! Kitchen islands should be installed before floating floors such as laminate flooring and LVP and after linoleum, tile, and hardwood flooring for best results. Now that we’ve got the basics out of the … Read more

When To Install Pre-Hung Doors (Before Or After Flooring, Painting, Drywall, Etc.)

Wondering when the best time to install a new pre-hung door is while you’re renovating a house? Well, look no further because I have your answer! Pre-hung doors should be installed after drywall and paint are complete and before flooring, baseboards, and trim are installed. This order helps the door avoid dust, paint, or damage … Read more

Cheat Sheet To Easily Cut Baseboard Corners (Free PDF Download!)

Are you about to install baseboards and looking for a cheat sheet to help you make the right cuts every time? Well, look no further because I’ve got the perfect guide for you! Remembering the correct way to cut baseboard inside and outside corners can be tough, especially when you are making a ton of … Read more