When To Paint vs When To Replace Interior Doors (Telltale Signs!)

Wondering when you can paint vs when you need to replace your interior doors? Well, look no further because I have your answer! If an interior door has surface damage only (minor dents/scratches – no structural damage), is soundly made, contains no lead-based paint, and the style of door is liked, then the door can … Read more

How To Replace An Old Door Knob With The Wrong Size Hole (Picture Tutorial!)

Wondering if you can resize an old door knob so a modern one can fit into the hole? Well, look no further because I have your answer! Old doors with smaller door knobs can easily be resized using a door lock installation kit that includes the templates and hole saws for a larger door knob … Read more

When To Install Pre-Hung Doors (Before Or After Flooring, Painting, Drywall, Etc.)

Wondering when the best time to install a new pre-hung door is while you’re renovating a house? Well, look no further because I have your answer! Pre-hung doors should be installed after drywall and paint are complete and before flooring, baseboards, and trim are installed. This order helps the door avoid dust, paint, or damage … Read more

How To Paint Interior 6-Panel Doors Flawlessly In 3 Easy Steps (Or Less!)

How To Paint Interior Doors Fast For Beginner DIYers Part of our whole-house renovation involved learning how to paint interior 6-panel doors fast and professionally! Unfortunately, some of the doors we needed to order were out of stock on the pre-finished white painted ones… so that forced us to buy the primed ones and paint … Read more