Do You Have To Remove Baseboards To Install Laminate Flooring? (+ How To!)

Can You Install Laminate Flooring Without Removing Baseboards? Find Out Here! Wondering if you can install laminate flooring without removing your baseboards? Well, look no further because I have your answer! Removing baseboard before installing laminate flooring makes installation easier and faster, hides plank edges from sight, and keeps the floor in place while still … Read more

How To Make A Stagger Pattern For Laying Laminate Flooring (+ Pictures!)

Pattern For Laying Laminate Flooring Guide About to install laminate flooring and wondering if there is a pattern for laying laminate flooring? There is! But it’s not a typical pattern like you might think.  Here is a short description of the pattern for laying laminate flooring. Laminate flooring should be laid in a “random” stagger … Read more