Top-Rated Amazon Robotic Vacuums Under $100 To Help You Clean Faster

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Last updated on October 21st, 2022 at 02:17 pm

It’s that time of year again… Yes, the time where you need your house cleaned for guests to come over!

I love having my family over, but I hate having to clean before they come. (I also hate cleaning in general, but I hate it more when I have to do it within a certain timeframe haha!)

So this year, I decided to up my cleaning game (while actually doing less cleaning!)

You got that right. I finally bit the bullet and invested in a robotic vacuum… I even named him Gary! Hehe.

Clean House Goals

My mom used to have one while I was growing up. It always made me laugh because vacuuming isn’t hard. BUT! Now that I’ve got my own house to keep clean (and two cats plus my own hair that just seems to get everywhere), I totally understand why she used her robotic vacuum for years.

(The only reason she doesn’t use one anymore is that she has a cleaning lady now. Talk about some leveling up goals!)

Valuing My Time Higher

I, on the other hand, do not have a cleaning lady. So cue Gary, my robotic vacuum, to save the day! Honestly, I don’t know why I even waited this long to get him.

He is 100% worth it when you realize how much time he saves me! I work from home, so I love turning him on and letting him run while I’m doing more important things.

Plus, he vacuums under hard-to-reach spots better than I ever would, is pretty quiet, picks up all the dust, dirt, cat, and human hair, and is just fun to watch honestly haha!

Now I know exactly what you’re thinking; You’d love to have that extra help around the house, especially before guests come over, but Garys (robotic vacuums) are pretty expensive!

That’s what I’m so excited to share with you! Getting yourself a Gary doesn’t HAVE to be expensive. I know because I did all the research for you!

amazon robotic vacuum reviews
My life has been so much easier since I bought this cleaning tool!

The Best-Rated Robotic Vacuums Under $100

These are the only best-rated robotic vacuums under $100.

This is the robotic vacuum that most consumers seem to be the happiest with and felt it was totally worth the money. If you can grab that robotic vacuum for $110 or so, I think it’s a great deal, but I don’t think I’d spend more than $118 on it unless I was getting free shipping.

Check the current price here.

The overwhelming majority of the reviews of this robotic vacuum are very positive and contain a good bit of helpful info if you’re not sure that it’s the right robotic vacuum for you.

Read all 5-star reviews here. 

On the other hand, there are a few people that are NOT happy with this robotic vacuum at all and only gave it ONE star.

Some of their negative feedback might really help you realize that this is NOT the right robotic vacuum for you.

Read all negative ONE-star reviews here.

The biggest problem I’ve read in all the negative reviews is like the old adage says, “you get what you pay for”.

If you’re looking for a high-quality robotic vacuum that will easily vacuum without getting stuck and last a long time, this is probably not the right robotic vacuum for you.

One reviewer talked about how this is not a good robotic vacuum for vacuuming without getting stuck in this review here. I’d be very unhappy too if that happened to me!

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The Solution To The Negative Reviews

Instead, this robotic vacuum is better for medium-pile carpets. That means it won’t get stuck while vacuuming, and it is not usually that much more expensive than the other robotic vacuum.

This is actually the one I bought! Yep, my little Gary doesn’t get stuck on my medium-pile carpet in my bedrooms. He also does a fantastic job on my hardwood floors!

For this robotic vacuum, the overwhelming majority of the reviews are also positive like my own personal experience, especially if you have pets in your home like I do.

Read all 5-star reviews here.

Like all products, it does have some 1-star reviews like this one that you can read. I want you to make sure this is the best robotic vacuum for you.

However, a common theme I saw was that it would get stuck on random things and need help. Well, you are supposed to pick up blankets and random things on the floor so it has a clear path to do it’s thing.

I’d recommend doing a quick check of the room before your robotic vacuum starts, and you won’t have this problem!

Lastly, if you are willing to spend a little more money for a robotic vacuum with stronger sucking power, longer battery life, and can connect with Alexa, then this robotic vacuum might be a better fit for you!

Final Thoughts On Robotic Vacuums

Like I’ve said probably a hundred times now, I absolutely LOVE my robotic vacuum. I told my mom how much I loved mine, and it made her want another one. (She obviously forgot about her cleaning lady haha!)

(Hint hint, robotic vacuums make excellent gifts! I mean, who wouldn’t be excited to get a personal cleaner of their own??)

My cats even like him (kinda…). When I say “like”, I mean they follow him around, run away when he starts coming at them, and sit on him when he’s on his home base. What can I say, they’re funny little things!

I can’t wait to use him before my family comes over again so I can hear them rave about how clean my house is! And the best part, I’m not the one who’s cleaning it! SCORE!

Hopefully, you found a breakdown of these robotic vacuums and their reviews helpful!

Catch you in my next post!

robotic vacuum - best tool to easily clean your house
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Top-Rated Amazon Robotic Vacuums Under $100 To Help You Clean Faster

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